Ludacris feat. Shawna – “What’s Your Fantasy?”

Released: 9.12.00

Peak: #21

Is there any filthier-sounding word than “lick”? Not “fuck” or “pussy,” that’s for sure–them’s just playground pottymouth, their impact diluted through gratuitous overuse. But the hard “k” cutting short that liquid “l” has a fleshy lewdness to it, as does the tongue itself, a moist muscle slab flexible enough to squish into all sorts of nooks and orifices, dragging along the most intimate, most easily offended senses of taste and smell. Those are only the mildest connotations that “What’s Your Fantasy?” summons with its chorus of “Lick lick lick you from your head to your toes” (even her hair? her corns?). And in the process, it blasted away certain racial stereotypes about who’ll put whose tongue where too.

Yet, for all the song’s physicality, it’s unclear how much of the action here occurs solely in Luda’s mind, as he’s even carried forward from one scenario to the next not just by his imagination as the necessities of rhyme (“Horseback and I’ll get my reins / School teacher let me get my brains.”). Most “adventurous” pop sex limits itself to the probable–for instance, 112’s drab “Anywhere,” which suggests the shower and kitchen as exotic love-making forums. Just ’cause Luda probably will never experience an on-field orgasm as the Falcons kick a field goal doesn’t mean he can’t get off on the idea of it.

Bangladesh’s crazy busy production is pretty phantasmagorical itself. The percussion consists almost entirely of snare, sometimes doubled up with a crash cymbal, with a teletype synth imitating a hi-hat. And that shifty arabesque, with a plate of bass synth rising up from below, creates a polymorphous, non-phallic feel that ties in with the woman-friendly sex-play: After he lists his ideas, after all, Luda asks for her fantasy. (On the remix, Trina, Shawna, and Foxy Brown spell out their prerogatives more specifically–“lick me from my ass to my clit” and so forth.) Not coincidentally, “What’s Your Fantasy?” also initiated Ludacris into that select club of MCs–L.L. and Biggie come immediately to mind–who convince me they get any more pleasure from fucking than they might from taking a dump.

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  • Pete Scholtes  On March 8, 2011 at 5:52 pm

    This is hilarious and totally right.

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