Cam’ron – “Hey Ma”

Released: 8.6.02

Peak: #3

The Commodores weren’t the funkiest cats, but they apparently have quite a civilizing effect on young knuckleheads. The mere addition of those lazing piano chords from “Easy Like Sunday Morning” instantly classes up the one-night hookup vignettes here. Helps too that Cam’ron and Juelz Santana don’t cast the cute-voiced girls they flirt with as sluts or groupies. The gals are just fellow negotiators in the evening’s sexual arrangements, which coast along, friction-free, to the zipless fuck of a chorus: “Hey ma./ What’s up?/ Lets slide./ All right/ All right/ And we gon’ get it on tonight.”

Killa Cam himself has always come off as a bit thick, whether he was flashing devil horns at O’Reilly to demonstrate the dangers of rock music or lending his support to the “Stop Snitchin'” movement. And though I won’t shortchange his skills or flow, his voice always struck me as too monochrome, his cadence offering too little play, to hold up for a full length. Even the celebrated Purple Haze I prefer in single-length chunks: the Cam-just-wanna-have-fun romp “Girls” and the overblown “Get ‘Em Girls,” with its corny Carmina Burana sample.

And sad to say, on my favorite Cam single, the guest MC upstages his host. Guess I’m just more curious to hear about what Juelz believes the 80s were like (“Yo, I had mad Rubik’s Cube skills.”) than charmed by Cam’s need report to his boys on the evening’s progress. (Though the latter does lend a “Tell me more, tell me more” Grease vibe, and I was more keen on Cam’s verse when I misheard “my boo be real” as complimenting her natural breasts.) But the laidback mood that the Tuneheadz production sets outshines both MC’s lyrics. True, it lacks the musical drama that Just Blaze brought to “Oh Boy.” But don’t you think there’s enough drama up in the clubs already?

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  • Pete Scholtes  On April 13, 2010 at 10:48 am

    Ha, I tune out the verses. The vibe of the song almost encourages that: You sing along to the chorus with your friends, then talk to them while Cam goes on about whatever. I voted this in Pazz & Jop that year. Soundtrack to many a night going out. LOL at lending his support to the stop snitchin’ movement, but you gotta thank him for “no homo.”

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