Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz feat. Ying Yang Twins – “Get Low”



Look, mistakes were made. Our popular music should never have been entrusted to developmentally stunted twerps whose sole contact with women occurs in or around strip clubs. I’m no sociologist, but I’d imagine that such a narrow range of experience might skew one’s opinion of women’s intellectual and emotional range. Especially if, as my own experience with dudes who hang in or around strip clubs suggests, one is a dick.

But “Get Low” burrows into lapdance culture with an abandon so guiltless, so cartoonish, that a concept as complex as misogyny never creases its simple little mind. Unlike most sexists, Lil Jon knows how to have a good time–that may make him “problematic” or it that may make him simply part of the problem, but thanks to his efforts, we may someday live in a world where no woman will have to strip to “Head Like a Hole” ever again.

“Get Low” leaves plenty of room to rationalize. After all, R&B has a long history of ordering dancers around with specific instructions, and though this has not typically been done while waving bills in their faces, I suppose you could map out a stylistic continuum from “shake your moneymaker” to “pop yo pussy on the pole” and “clap yo ass like hands.” I also suppose there are better uses of your time.

Or, like Robert Christgau, you can pluck baby from bathwater by backing the cleaned up remix, which features superior rapping by Busta and toasting by Elephant Man, and, like the Pitbull merengue remix, is a blast. But is a wet, clean baby what you really want from Lil Jon? No, you want the filthy bathwater that the kid’s been splashing around in. Between the Ying Yang Twins slavering “Can I play with your panty line?” and its three-six-nine playground rhythms, “Get Low” is practically infantile in its sexual curiosity. Does it objectify women? Yeeeaaahh! But that’s just what all hungry newborns do.

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