Rich Boy feat. Polow da Don — “Throw Some D’s”

Released: 8.15.06

Peak: #6

In 2006, crack sales were low but crack nostalgia was high. Often, crack nostalgics seemed high themselves, touting some dim jabberjaw who’d landed a big-name producer as the future of the game, rationalizing drug-talk as metaphorically apt, or evasively spotlighting beat technique. As with any lame trend, a few exceptions (Clipse, Ghostface) wrested art from the jaws of cliché. File most of the rest under guessyouhaddabethere.

But with his mildly charming excitement about his new ride overwhelming his pro forma street boasts, Rich Boy was too harmless to hate. I just hope he paid for that Cadillac he’s so proud of upfront, because not a syllable here suggested a long career for the poor sap. Rarely does a producer upstage his titular MC, but by working a simple melodic variation on his own verse, Polow (no microphone fiend himself) did just that.

In keeping with ’06 chart rap, “Throw Some D’s” was little more than a beat and catch phrase. But that gruff chorus of encouragement was perfectly fitted to Drumma Boy’s stutter and bump, and the track itself was hardly static–the keyboard evolves into an unexpectedly perky calliope by the song’s end. Besides, if nothing else, this song would inspire the brilliant “Report Card,” in which Soulja Boy takes one look at his grades–all Fs–and responds to his teacher (how else?) “Throw some Ds on that bitch.”

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