Monthly Archives: April 2015

Link Roundup ‘Cause Why Not

Two weeks without a post? In olden times, you’d be obligated to follow that sort of hiatus with an apologetic promise to blog more frequently in the future, but that seems a little silly in this content-clogged era. Regardless, to tide you over till my brain chemistry simmers down and my schedule clears up, here are few links to some recent paid work: A listicle written in collaboration with Chuck Eddy and two concert reviews.

Meet the Beatle: A Guide to Ringo Starr’s Solo Career in 20 Songs Rolling Stone, March 25

Stevie Wonder Gives You More Than You Ever Knew You Wanted City Pages, March 30

Father John Misty Preaches to the Converted at First Avenue City Pages, April 6

And here’s a teaser: An abstract of what I’m currently working on for the EMP Pop Conference next week:

“The Mall Gaze: Tiffany’s ‘I Saw Him Standing There’ Looks Back at the Beatles”

I may have some PopCon updates while it’s ongoing, and I definitely will afterward.