Kesha: From a case to a cause


Last week, I wrote about Kesha’s court case for the Guardian, and afterwards I was invited on the BBC World Service’s program Newsday to discuss my story.

I wound up discussing how Kesha’s story highlights pop’s gendered division of labor, and about the challenges women face in a music industry dominated by older men — a subject which, let’s face it, I am less qualified to address than literally every female music journalist on earth.

Since I happened to have the air time, I figured better me than no one. Still, it’s a subject I wouldn’t have thought about nearly as much, or have been able to talk about even a little competently, without the growing number of smart, passionate women currently writing about pop music. At the very least, then, I wanted to link to a few of the stories about Kesha (I’m sure I’m overlooking several others) that helped me sort through my thoughts out and gather the facts.

Haley Potiker, “What Happened to Kesha?: A Timeline”

Katherine St. Asaph, “Some reporting questions for the Kesha court case”

Jia Tolentino, “‘She Was Proving Hard to Control’: Some Background on Kesha’s History With Dr. Luke”

Devon Maloney, “What’s Next for Kesha”

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