2016: The Year in Keith (Prince-less Edition)


I wrote a few things in 2016 that had little or even nothing to do with Prince. Here are some of the good ones, including–

The best thing I wrote all year

“In defense of ‘Thong Song,’ inexplicable winner of PiPress’ Worst Song Ever contest,” City Pages, April 1

Concert reviews

“Lizzo slays headlining debut at First Ave,” City Pages, February 8

“Carly Rae Jepsen immerses Minneapolis fans in smart, G-rated pop escapism,” City Pages, March 10

“Adele pays tribute to Prince as U.S. tour kicks off with dazzling Minnesota concert,” Billboard, July 6

“Good-timin’ Luke Bryan christens U.S. Bank Stadium with asstastic country party,” City Pages, August 22

“KDWB’s Jingle Ball shows us why 2016 pop music sucks,” City Pages, December 6

Legal analysis

“Public outcry may help free Kesha from contract with Dr Luke’s label,” the Guardian, February 23

“Why the Hulk Hogan sex tape verdict matters,” Rolling Stone, March 22

“What happens If Led Zeppelin lose the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ trial?,” Rolling Stone, June 22

“Can Taylor Swift sue Kanye West over ‘Famous’ video?,” Rolling Stone, June 29


“Muhammad Ali, boxing legend, dead at 74,” Rolling Stone, June 4

“George Michael dead at 53,” Rolling Stone, December 25

And finally…

“Accidental post-racism in a southern voice: What country music did and didn’t say as the age of Obama began,” EMP Pop Conference paper

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